Drugs Case: Kajal’s Manager Ronny Arrested


As part of the ongoing probe in drugs scandal, the SIT officials have just a while ago arrested top actress Kajal Aggarwal’s manager Ronny.  Large amount of Marijuana has reportedly been seized from his residence. Police suspect that he has been doing drugs for a long time.

Ronny is also the manager of actress Megha Akash, who is poised to make her debut with Nithiin’s LIE. As a celebrity manager, he has connections with some heavyweights in film industry, and his arrest may create tremors in their backyards. He is currently being questioned by the authorities.

Will his revelations lead the police to more celebrities? Some big fishes may fall in SIT’s net once his interrogation is completed. Reports are emerging that Ronny was arrested today based on the revelations made by actor Navdeep during his interrogation by SIT officials.

It seems that the ripples of drug scandal are getting uglier as names of more and more celebs are popping up with each passing day.


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