Dil Raju Gets 100 Cr Profit After 40 Cr Loss

dil raju

Producing films is easy, but producing films that run at the box office and make good money is what really matters. Because the content has to work well and all the parties involved in the business should not be left with losses after full run. But nobody knows a formula for such films and even a biggie like Dil Raju is not an exception.

After the release of films like Subramanyam For Sale, Krishnashtami and Supreme, reports are there that Dil Raju’s production house is into 40 crores losses. Many thought that Raju will not recover, but come 2017, the story is all different. It all started with Shatamanam Bhavati for him as the film helped him pocket nearly 30 crores profit. After excluding all the making and marketing costs, the film’s theatrical revenue share and other rights fetched Raju such a staggering profit.

Later Shatamanam’s good run was supported by Nenu Local that made nearly 20 Crore profit for him. At that time it was publicised in the industry that Raju got all his debts cleared. There came the massive rain then, in the form of DJ Duvvada Jagannadham, which helped harvest nearly 40 crores profits again. With 100 Crore pre-release business, Raju has this money in hand even before the release of the film. Though his distributors might incur minor losses, in the end, Raju promised them best with Fidaa, and luck is on his side again.

Going by the present trend, even Fidaa is going to bring nearly 15 Crore profits for Dil Raju’s production house. In all likelihood, he would pocket around 110+ Crore profit this year from film production while his distribution also fetched him profits except for Cheliya movie. 6 months of 2017 pushed him to become a producer with 100 crore profits for sure. Raju should thank his directors and heroes, while distributors are hailing Raju’s guts and decision making!


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