Chunar Fort – Mirzapur

Chunar Fort

Situated on the top of Adri Hill, the mighty Chunar Fort is one of the few attractions, found in the Chunar town, just 45 kilometers away from the religious hub of the North India, the land of Shiva, Varanasi. On the banks of River Ganga, the Chunar Fort rises its head at the height of 175 feet, from the ground level, and is spread across a vast expanse of 34,000 square feet. The Chunar Fort has been a silent spectator for nearly 2500 years of the Indian History, therefore, you can jolly well imagine nearly all of the major changes of the history of India has been witnessed by this mighty establishment. Thanks to its convenient location, the fort has been of great importance for each and every ruler. The fort had been refurbished many a times by the rulers who ruled in it. Therefore, you can jolly well understand the variety of architectural styles the fort comprises of.

History of Chunar Fort

Chunar Fort is said to have been built by ancient King Vikramaditya, for his brother, hermit Bharthari, who in turn was a follower of Gorakhnath. Bharthari spent a majority of his life in the fort, and later, he was given zinda Samadhi at the very premises of the fort, which now, serves as a temple. Later on, during the rule of the Mughals, the fort was conquered first by Babar, and then later, by Sher Shah Suri, Humayun, Akbar, Aurangzeb and the following rulers of the Mughal Sultanate until the British occupied it in the year 1768. The British withdrew their control of the fort until 1947, when India gained her Independence.

Chunar Fort Varanasi

The thick walls of the Chunar Fort have apertures which helped the defenders to attack the enemies. Infact, the dilapidated structure of the fort today does not look related to such other forts of Rajasthan, but if you get to reach the place, you will be astonished about the vistas and scenes it accompanies adjoining the rolling hills and Ganga.

How To Reach Chunar Fort

If you are travelling by air, you can reach Chunar Fort by hiring a private car after landing on Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport. If you are travelling by rails, you will be elated to see that Chunar is connected by many metropolitan railway stations. By road, Chunar Fort is 40 kilometers away from Varanasi, 40 kilometers away from Mirzapur and 130 Kilometers away from Allahabad.

Chunar Fort Accommodation

Chunar Fort is open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening. You can step in this fort at any time of the year, but it is advised that you visit Chunar during the winter time. Chunar Fort is open all days. When you are visiting Chunar you will be able to come across many private lodges and even home stays. If given a choice, you must opt for the home stay, as you will be able to come closer to the localities of Chunar and enjoy your stay at the place with their warmth behavior and hospitality.

Chunar Fort Ghost

Chunar Fort had been the torture rooms for the prisoners, if you get to explore the dungeons beyond this fort, you can still get to hear the chilly screams of the prisoners who died years ago. Now, there is nothing spooky about this place, as nothing has been presented to substantiate the claims of the localities, regarding the hearing of screams, late in the night.

Chunar Ka Kila

Alongside exploring the fort of Chunar, the town comprises of other places of interest like Durga Khoh, Maa Durga Cave Temple, Gangeswar Nath Temple and last, but not the list, a 23,000 years old quarry of stone at Baragaon.


As a traveler you might have visited many places in your lifetime, but once you get the chance you visit Chunar Fort, you will never be able to forget the experience, for the rest of your life. So pack your bags, and get, set and go.

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