Chinese girl gets back stolen bag, hails Hyderabad police



  • A Chinese girl, who was robbed of her bag on July 1, got her backpack containing the passport and valuables.
  • “You are the best police in the world that I have come across,” said 19-year-old student Siyu Liu from China after police arrested the thief and found her bag

HYDERABAD: Police recovered a backpack containing the passport and valuables of a 19-year-old student Siyu Liu from China and handed over to her – much to her delight – on Friday. She was robbed at the Chowmohalla Palace on July 1. The thief was arrested.

“You are the best police in the world that I have come across,” said Siyu Liu, to the police. She could not contain her joy on getting back her bag, said police. “In just six days, my bag has been recovered. I cannot thank you enough,” she said.

Siyu Liu had come to the city on an internship. The teenager from Dalian city, China, had come to Hyderabad on May 23. On July 1, she had gone to Chowmalla palace, with her friends, where she lost her bag. The matter was promptly reported to the police. Hussainialam police, who investigated the case could identify the culprit from the CCTV footage at Chowmohalla Palace.

The alleged culprit, Allmodin @ Mohsin, 30, was residing at Asad Babanagar, Yakutpura.

According to ACP Charminar, K Ashoka Chakravarthy, the bag with all the belongings were recovered. These included her passport, visa card — the only credit card she could use in India, her Chinese identity card, Chinese debit bank card, work ID from T-Hub, student certificates, a Chinese sim card, three key chains, some Indian cash and Chinese currency, a pen drive, an umbrella, selfie stick, cosmetics, a Chinese e-banking device, two purses, visiting cards, another Chinese debit card, passport size photographs and documents.

Source: Times Of India


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