Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park, located in the shadows of Sahyadri range, North Western Ghats of Maharashtra, this national park attracts a large number of visitors. It is one of the popular national parks of India. It has been surrounded by Kohlapur, Satara, Sangli and Ratnagiri Districts.

Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park was established in May 2004. Previously, it was accepted as a wildlife sanctuary in 1985. It is one of the major spots for wildlife tourists. This park depicts the history of 17th century. One can find many historical places of famous Maratha King Shivaji’s time. Famous forts of Shivaji, “Prachitgad” and “Bhairavgad” are situated here. Ruins of famous Bhawani temple of Shivaji’s dynasty in Prachitgad and Kalavanthin vihir depict the glory of Maratha time.

Geographical Features of Chandoli National Park

This national park in Sangli is spread over an area of around 300 square kilometers. The park is spread around the down hills of Sahyadri range. It forms many water channels and water holes. It also protects one of the major water channels Vasant sagar reservoir. This place receives water supply majorly from Warna River and minor from other reservoirs, streams and rivers. The park ranged 589 to 1044 meters from sea level.

Chandoli Dam

Chandoli Dam

Few more beautiful places like Kandhardoh falls, Chandoli Dam, Vasant Sagar reservoir, Tanali falls, Kokan darshan and virgin forest of Rundiv adds charm to the trip of Chandoli National Park.

Significance of Chandoli National Park

The national is also important for reserving the tigers. As we all know that the numbers are counting less day by day for tigers, the national animal of India, it is quite necessary to protect their species. Otherwise, our next generations will only hear the stories of wild tigers like we are listening that of dinosaurs. Chandoli is famous for its southern part covering Sahyadri Tiger reserve and northern part covering Koyna wildlife sanctuary. This park is guarding or patronizing the different Tiger species and also Leopards.

When Sahyadri Tiger reserve had started, it was only having 6 tigers and 56 leopards with them, which has now increased much.

Flora and Fauna of the Chandoli National Park

The forests of Chandoli National park are rich in preserving numerous natural as well as rare species of different flora and fauna in them. Many conservation programs are being run time to time by the local authorities, the government as well as many wild life agencies to protect the flora and fauna.

The forests found are a mix of Malabar Coast forest and North Western Ghats moist forests. In these evergreen forests, one can see some commonly find trees like Anjani Ironwood tree, Jamun tree, Pisa, Kokum, Amla, Harra, Gooseberry, Phanasi false kelat and many more. There are also grown a number of different varieties of grasses which are quite rare in any other places. The commonly seen grass species are the bangal or bluestem grass, golden beard grass, black spear grass, anjan grass, grader grass or kangaroo grass.

Chandoli National Park

The National park is also rich in giving shelters to a big number of wild animals. Here you can find around 23 species of mammals, more than 120 varieties of birds and 15 to 20 species of amphibians and reptiles. The majorly protected faunas of this place are Bengal Tigers, leopards, Indian bison, sloth bear, giant Indian squirrel and leopard cats. Other rare and diminishing species like that of barking deer, sambhar deer, mouse deer and blackbucks are also residing here.

How to Reach Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park is a must visit tourist spot of Maharashtra. The place is easily reachable by all means of transport. It is only 75 kms from Sangli and just 47 kms from Karad. You can even take private cars and vans for visiting the National Park. The nearest airport is Kolhapur airport. The private vehicles give you the chance to explore the nature while driving to your favorite holiday destination.

Chandoli National Park Timings and Entry Fees

Although the park is open for visitors all along the year. But it is advisable to visit between months of October to February, because of the pleasant weather. The rainfalls were observed over 3500 mm during the month of June to September.

Chandoli National park is one of the most beautiful national parks around the country. Once visited, you would definitely like to visit again and again. The other catchy scenic places near to the national park are Sagreshwar deer park, Kamatipura, Ganesh temple, old caves, Miraj musical instrument industry, Krishna valley Wine Park, etc. So visit here to live few memorable peaceful and enjoyable moments with your family and friends.

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