‘BJP doesn’t care about poor, farmers, Dalits,’ says Rahul Gandhi in Rajasthan


NEW DELHI: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that the ruling BJP is “so callous, it opens Parliament at midnight for GST, but won’t talk about farmers‘ plight for even a minute”.

“Today in Lok Sabha we wanted to speak on farmers issues, even the PM was present, but we were not allowed to speak,” the Congress leader said in an address to farmers in Banswara in Rajasthan.

Rahul said that the BJP “cares only about rich industrialists and not about the poor”. He said the “hasty introduction” of GST was an example of the BJP’s attitude.

“When we told the BJP wait 3-4 more months to introduce GST, they said ‘no, no we have to do it at midnight July 1’. We told them small businesses will suffer, they don’t care. They just want to run the government for the income tax people,” Rahul said.

“Big traders have no issues with this GST, they can employ 10 accountants and fill as many forms. But the small traders suffer. They don’t care about small businessmen, labourers, Dalits, they don’t care what happens to them, this is truth of the RSS and the BJP,” he added.

 he Congress vice president said that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about ‘Make in India’ he “ignores” farmers.

“After the Congress waived farmers’ debts in Punjab and Karnataka, then fearing the Congress, Uttar Pradesh also did the same,” said Rahul, referring to the BJP government in UP.


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