Bid to build house in 24 hours missed by a whisker

Three bed room house


  • A Bengaluru based company tried to build a three-bedroom house in 24 hours.
  • After completing 80% of the work, the company, specializing in rapid construction and building innovation technology, took much more time to complete 20% work.

BENGALURU: So near and yet so far. That’s how one can describe the unsuccessful record attempt by a Bengaluru based company to build a three-bedroom house in 24 hours. After completing 80% of the work on Saturday night, the company, specializing in rapid construction and building innovation technology, thought it would create a world record by dawn.

But it was not to be, thanks to some last-minute glitches in fixing the roof of the 2,400sqft house on a plot in T Agrahara, near Stonehill International School in north Bengaluru. “This is not the end of the attempt, there is always a next time,” said a dejected Paddy Menon, chief disruptor, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies, hailing his 20-member team’s efforts. “We had completed 90% of the house in the record 24 hours, but the remaining 10% took longer than expected. Unfavourable weather conditions too added to our woes.”

Menon had set his eyes on the Limca Book of World Records, but failed to complete the work by 6am on Sunday.The team had begun work at 6am on Saturday and toiled round the clock to build the three-bedroom house, but failed to meet the 24-hour deadline to set the record as the fastest to complete such a building in India.

“The team had managed to make a seemingly impossible record of constructing a three-bedroom house in barely 24 hours and lived up to the expectation of fixing the foundation and walls but faltered in fixing the roof on Sunday .All their painstaking efforts were undone by a technical glitch in the wee hours. There was not enough time to re-as semble the roof and the record attempt had to be shelved,” said a technician, who was part of the challenge.The team, after a small break, went ahead with the construction with a target to finish the house in 48 hours, which still would be no small feat.

Using precast technology, the project is said to be the first of its kind in the country.Menon was attempting to create the record on a plot belonging to Tyag Uthappa, a businessman and coffee planter from Kodagu, who wants to gift the house to his wife on her birthday. Video cameras were installed to record the unique construction process.


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