India is full of temples and mosques. The scenic beauty near those temples has kept people mesmerized over the period. Among several places, the Southern part of India is known as God’s own country only for the reason that there are ample of temples and sacred places near beautiful tourism spots. Bhairavakona is one of those sacred spots where every year several pilgrims and common visitors gather to dip in the beauty of the nature.


If you look back in the history then you can see that this temple was built in the Pallava period, in between 600 to 630 AD. The Chola rulers modified the temples lately in 7th and 11th centuries. It had been carved out of a single rock. Inside the temple there is Bhairaveswaralayam rock, where 101 Shiva Lingas have been carved.

There are 8 Shiva linga sub temples. Among those sub temples, you can find 7 shrines are facing the East and another one faces the North. The north-faced temple has Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma idols inside. Among these, the Shiva linga is made of granite rock while other god images can be observed as sculptured on a single rock. There are several legends to be heard regarding this temple. It will be better to take a look at them.

A Visit at One of India’s Most Sacred Place – Bhairavakona

According to the Bhairavakona legends, Kalabhairava is the protector of the temple. From him the temple has got its name. One of the stories says that there was an ancient king named Kalabhairava, who ruled for a long period. From him the temple might have the name. However, legends say some other stories too. One of the stories mentions Kalabhairava as a shepherd and as he offered his body to the god, with the will of the god, the place he was buried had been named as Bhairavakona. Maha-shivaratri is one of the grandest celebrations of this temple.

Near this temple there is Mahanandi temple and Ameen Peer Dargah shrine, which you may also visit if you want to extend your stay at this place and want to enjoy your visit for a little longer. However, the matter which will keep you glued to this temple is the natural beauty all around.

The scenic beauty around this temple is truly stunning. Therefore, even if you are not a pilgrim, you may not be upset while visiting here. The waterfall of the old legends still belongs to this place. The surrounding nature will also give you a pleasure of mind.

Now, it is the time to know how to reach Bhairavakona. The best route is by using the bus. The interested ones may also use private cars to reach the temple.

If you ask whether it is important to be a worshiper of Lord Shiva for visiting the temple, then the answer will certainly be negative. You may be a pilgrim or may not be. But the scenic beauty of the place is unmatched and you cannot ignore it. This is the only reason you may want to return to this place once again. In India, the temples are not the places for worshiping the deities but also the places for finding solace. It is a quest of finding yourself and like many other temples all over the country, Bhairavakona says the same story. If you want to listen to that sound and the legends, you have to believe in it.

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