Astonishing Scientific Facts Behind Hinduism Rituals

Trust it or not, out of all religions that rose on earth, Hinduism is the most basic one. Actually we can guarantee it as “The Religion With Scientific Facts”. Traditions in Hinduism were viewed mostly as superstitious, however with the progression of time and change in science, it is turning out to be evident that every one of the conventions in Hinduism depend on logical information and proceeded onward from era to eras as custom this blog is to present the science required in these conventions and ceremonies.

Facts Behind Hindu Rituals And Practices

As these all conventions are demand to escape through the perpetual future, here I have ordered a rundown of couple of most mainstream customs with their logical reasons. You will be astonished by the way how these conventions and ceremonies confined by the Indian progenitors.

Despite the fact that each convention of Hinduism has its own logical reason, few of them are obsolete and not really should be followed in our today’s way of life. Be that as it may, the vast majority of them are as yet substantial and will be the same until the end of time. Everything given here fall under the second criteria.

Why Namaste?

Indian has an extraordinary convention of welcome each other by joining the fingers and palms together. You could have known this well known motion with the name of “Namaste”. Clearly this custom utilized to demonstrate the regard. Yet, what was the science behind?

Namaste - The Symbol Of Respect - Hindu Rituals
The Symbol Of Respect

Logical Reason

When joining all the fingertips and palms against each other, weight focus associate with our eyes, nose, ears and psyche gets initiated. This procedure helps our little cerebrum to store the one we meet, in its long haul memory.

Why Every Indian Women Wear A Toe Ring?

Generally ladies in India wear a toe ring on their second toe. In spite of the fact that this convention taken after to demonstrate their conjugal status, in all actuality.

Toe Ring For Women - Hindu Rituals
conjugal status for women

Logical Reason

A specific nerve on the second toe associates a lady’s uterus and goes through the heart. So wearing a ring on this toe reinforces the uterus and advances a normal menstrual cycle. As silver has the ability to retain polar energies, to get the greater part of it, regularly toe rings are worn in silver regardless of how rich a lady is.

Why Do Married Women Wear Sindoor?

In India, each lady who hitched has the run of applying Sindoor in their pituitary organ (situated on brow).

Sindoor For Married Women - Hindu Rituals
Symbol For Royality

Logical reason

As the fixings metal mercury, turmeric lime are utilized as a part of the planning of sandoor, it goes about as the considerable circulatory strain controlling operator. It enacts the sexual drive too. Its the explanation behind why sindoor was restricted for Indian dowagers. For ideal use, it ought to be connected as to cover the ace organ (pituitary organ) which controls a few of alternate organs identified with our sentiments.

Why Applying Tilak ?

For all Hindus paying little mind to their sexual orientation, apply Tilak on temple considered as a standout amongst the most essential customs.

Applying Tilak on Body - Hindu Rituals

Logical Reason

The significant nerve purpose of our entire human body situated at the focal point of 2 eye temples. So the demonstration of applying a tilak or kumkum on that territory keeps the loss of vitality. Other than to expanding the focus levels, it guarantees the managed blood supply to the whole face muscles.

Why “Surya Namaskar”?

Hindus have a propensity for asking the Sun god at a young hour in the morning for the sake of Surya Namaskar. This strategy requests the fan to offer water to the sun god. What was the rationale behind? Perused on.

Surya Namaskar - Hindu Practices

Logical Reason

Seeing the rainbow impact made by the early morning sun beams offer the immense advantages to the human eyes. Additionally presentation to the sun beams around then helps our skin watch the plenitude of Vitamins. Taking after this custom been demonstrated to lessen the danger of cardiovascular and lung illnesses.

Why Do Hindus Worship Idol?

Right when stand out from each and every other religion, Hinduism gives an and no more noteworthiness to the image worshiping. Undoubtedly, every God and Goddess referred to in the models were given a shape and one can see each one of them in asylums.

Belief In God - Hindu Practices
Belief In God

Coherent Reason

Rather than imagining the void, having something in think uncommonly upgrades the core interest. It helps the cerebrum to evade redirection which ought to occur amid the petition and meditation made symbol worship generally advanced by the old Indians.

Why Temples Have Bells?

In Hinduism it’s been advised to ring a sanctuary ringer before going into the zone (internal sanctum) where the fundamental symbol was set. Despite the fact that it accepts to keep the malicious powers far from you, science behind this demonstration has an astonishing clarification.

Bells in Temples

Logical Reason:

The sound made by ringing the ringer encourages the synchronization between the left and right parts of our cerebrum. The ringers utilized as a part of the sanctuaries intended to work in such a way. It clears the psyche, enhances the focus and makes a superior feel for petition. When ringing the chime, it delivers the sound up to 7 seconds in resound mode. This time is sufficiently long to each recuperating organ situated in our body.

Why Sleeping In The North South Direction Believed To Invite Death?

In Hinduism, resting in the north south course exceptionally disheartens with the truism “just the dead bodies ought to be laid in such heading”. It advises to welcome passing or a phantom.

Sleeping In The North South Direction

Logical Reason:

Our mom earth is a monster magnet and our body has its own attractive field as well. When you rest in north south course, in view of the attractive hypothesis, our body turns out to be totally uneven with the world’s monster attractive field. It raises the circulatory strain and puts the heart in a difficult to pump state. Likewise, it prompts to the testimony of iron substance in the cerebrum region. This can bring about the genuine ailments like cerebrum degeneration, migraine, Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s infection and Parkinson ailment.

Why Should You Visit The Hindu Temples Even If You Are An Atheist?

In spite of the fact that supplications can be offered at wherever from where we are, going to the sanctuary at any rate once per week was taken after as a necessarily custom in all Hindu Families.

Hindu Temples

Logical Reason:

Generally every Hindu sanctuaries are deliberately situated at where the positive vitality accessible in wealth. In addition, the center of the sanctuary holding the fundamental symbol known as “*Garbhagriha*” worked at where earth’s attractive waves are at their most extreme. To reinforce these electromagnetic waves, the copper plates are covered under the primary icon. This was the place it gets intriguing. These copper plates ingest a greater amount of the attractive waves and reflect it to the environment. Logically this positive vitality was the thing that each lives on earth require to have a solid life.

Why Touching The Elder’s Feet ?

As per Hinduism, touching the senior’s feet will help us get their approval. It will help us get great wellbeing, riches and all the mortal and undying advantages.

Respect To Elders - Hindu Practices
Respect To Elders

Logical Reason:

Touching the older folks’ feet was a decent exercise that everybody ought to rehearse. Doing it 10 times each day will spare ourselves from each spine related issues.

Why Do The Indian Meals Start With Spice and End With Sweet?

Beginning a supper with something that is fiery and finishing it with the sweet is a normal convention among every one of the Indians (particularly the dinners offered in Hindu families and their capacities). Why it has been polished along these lines?

We start with spice, and end with Sweet - Hinduism

Logical Reason:

Taking sustenance along these lines guarantees a smooth stomach related process since flavors enact the organs which are in charge of delivering the essential digestant Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Desserts toward the finish of dinner draw down this procedure.

Why Tulsi Plant Bestowed In Hinduism?

In Hindu religion, Tulsi plant worshiped in the status of mother. So you can see it developing in the greater part of the Hindu families as a sacred plant.

Tulsi Plant
Sacred And Worshipped For Hindus

Logical Reason:

Tulsi leaves are demonstrated to diminish stress, aggravation and cholesterol levels. Other than to giving the rich supply of cell reinforcements, it helps in improving the stamina and treating numerous different infirmities like chilly, hack and so forth.

Why Peepal Tree Worshiped?

Peepal tree neither gives a tasty organic product nor a solid wood. So on the off chance that you ask a question for what valid reason the Hinduism adores this tree?

Peepal Tree

Logical Reason:

Peepal is the main tree on earth which produces oxygen notwithstanding amid the evening times. Indian progenitors have known this reality before the ages . So as to ensure this one of a kind tree, they gave it to the level of God.

Why Do Indian Women Wear Bangles?

In the event that you an Indian lady, it would be inadequate without those bangles, bindhi and ear rings. Other than to including the magnificence, each one of these conventions offer an astonishing medical advantages as well.

Why Do Women In India Wear Bangles?

Logical Reason:

Constant erosions given by those bangles on the wrist part advances a superior blood dissemination. Bangles, planned to fit as fiddle, the electromagnetic vitality which should go through the external skin gets reflected by its surface. So the circle framed and this vitality diverted to within the body once more.

Why Do Indian Women Pierce Ear?

Ear puncturing the youngster in his/her initial age was taken after as one of the necessary customs in Hinduism. Aside from including the polish and style as adornments, this elegant convention conveys its own particular logical defense.

The Science Behind Ear Piercing

Logical reason:

According to the doctors, ear penetrating builds the reasoning force, enhances the mind and improvement the basic leadership capacities. It likewise defeats the discourse restrictions. Other than to diminishing the rude conduct, it likewise keeps the ear channels free from a few issue.

Why do we Toron Decorate ?

Every single Indian celebration and events requires a wonderful toran improvement. Entryways of the houses adorned with the string of new green mango leaves however tragically, a large portion of the families don’t considerably make a fuss over why they do as such.

Toron Decorate

Logical Reason:

Apart from adding the enrichment to the entryway’s passageways, Toran channels and passes the cleaned air to its environment. Therefore it made a spotless and clean condition. In spite of the fact that simply any green leaves can be utilized to fill this need, to add more polish to the embellishment, mango leaves were favored.

Why Chanting the “Om” Mantra ?

You may have heard the general population droning the “OM” mantra in their supplications. A similar spell articulated amid the pranayamam (breathing activity) too.

Om Chanting Benefits
Om Chanting Benefits

Logical Reason:

Pronouncing OM was demonstrated to decrease the circulatory strain and thus the heart rates as well. By offering a profound unwinding, it incredibly enhances the feeling of sharpness thus the focus.

Why Gayathri Mantra Chanted In Prayers?

Gayathri mantra managed as a champion among the most basic favored mantras among. It displays and rambled by every men and women as a bit of their underlying morning supplication.

gayathri mantra benefits

Logical Reason:

When droning the Gayathri mantra, it creates about 110,000 various types of waves/sec. Great time to serenade this mantra is a hour and a half before the sunrise.Researchers around the globe has conceded to this present mantra’s different logical possibilities. As an obvious, Radio station at Paramaribo (some portion of South America) communicates this mantra from 7 PM onwards regularly.

Why Applying Mehandi (Henna) Has Become A Tradition In Indian Weddings?

Mehndi Designs For Marriage

Because of the suspicions and enthusiastic leaps forward, the lady confronts an excessive amount of worry amid her wedding. Aside from being enlivening, applying Mehandi on hands and feet conveys its own particular logical reason.

Logical Reason:

There’s a solid connection between’s the anxiety and nerve framework. Motioning through nerves, even a little anxiety can bring about cerebral pain and different burdens. At the point when henna connected to the nerve finishing focuses at both feet and hands, it quiets the nerve framework. In this manner stays away from the burdens delightfully.

Why Tossing Coins Into A River ?

Throwing Coins Into A River
Throwing Coins Into A River

This practice ordinarily found in numerous nations separated from India. In any case, the science behind this custom; in old circumstances, individuals utilized the cash of copper. This metal imperatives for our body; by tossing copper coins in the water, individuals used to devour copper through the drinking water got from the stream.

Why Sitting On The Floor and Eating ?

Benifits Of Eating Food Sitting On Floor
Benifits Of Eating Food Sitting On Floor

Indians and many individuals from eastern nations sit in “Sukhasan” position amid lunch and supper. Sukhasan was one of the critical Asanas in Yog; in this position, we sit leg over leg. This stance promptly brings a feeling of quiet and aides in absorption; our cerebrum consequently gets a flag to set up our stomach for processing.

Why Do We Fast ?

Why Do We Fast ?

According to Ayurveda, Indian treatise on drug and herbs, the essential reason for any infirmity is the development of poisonous materials in the stomach. Fasting helps us rinse that toxics accumulated in our stomach related framework; also, our stomach related framework needs rest from day by day exercises. Fasting gives that rest to our whole stomach related framework and organs in the body. In this way, quick of the whole day is useful for wellbeing; be that as it may, we ought to take lemon juice at consistent interims to keep up vitality in our body.

Why Do We Apply Haldi ?

Why Do We Apply Haldi ?

Haldi or turmeric is a characteristic herb; it is the best hostile to septic given by Mother Nature. Its application on the body guarantees that it clears all germs on the skin. Additionally, turmeric retains all earth from the skin and gives brilliance to the skin. To offer dampness to the skin, individuals additionally add oil to the turmeric.

Why Holy Fire at Wedding ?

hindu weddings
Hindu Weddings

Heavenly firecrackers as a characteristic chemical; it expels negative vitality from the earth and fills the air with inspiration. Also, the fire fueled with various types of wood, ghee, rice and different herbs. The smoke delivered by the fire decontaminates the air by slaughtering creepy crawlies. This makes a constructive effect on the soundness of individuals who go to the marriage. The couple gets more advantage as they are near the fire.

Why Choti on the Male Head ?

Choti on the Head
Choti on the Head

Sushrut rishi, the chief specialist of Ayurveda, depicts the ace delicate spot on the head as Adhipati Marma, where there was a nexus of all nerves. The shikha secures this spot. Underneath, in the mind, happens the Brahmarandhra, where the sushumna-nerve touches base from the lower some portion of the body. In Yog, Brahmarandhra the most astounding, seventh chakra, with the thousand-petalled lotus. It is the focal point of insight. The hitched shikhã supports this inside and ration its inconspicuous vitality known as ojas.

Why Storing water in Stoneware ?

Clay Pottery
Clay Pottery

For this 2 words: regular refrigeration. Its fundamental thermodynamics that you think about in school.

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