Arnala Fort

Arnala Fort

Arnala Fort is one of the most glorious historic places in India. This historic fort is located in Maharashtra. Another name of this fort is Jaldurg as it is surrounded by water and the scenic beauty of the fort is remarkably beautiful. This fort is not only rich for its historical background but also geographical location as well. This fort was built in Anara Island and it was owned by the Portuguese. The fort is located in an amazing island where you can spend your vacation to refresh yourself.

Arnala Fort

The historical background of the Arnala Fort is very interesting. This fort was built by the Sultan Mahmud Begada who was known as the chieftain Gujrat, in the year of 1516. In the later 1530 the Portuguese owned the coastal area and the fort also owned by them. In the later days the fort was used by the Portuguese who started to reconstruct the fort but left incomplete. The fort was used by them for shipping purposes. Portuguese ruled on the fort and the island for two centuries.

Arnala Fort

Then in 17th and 18th century the fort was owned by the brother of Baji Rao. The Maratha ruled over it until British own the country. Then in later days the fort was returned to the Marathas when British left the country. Presently the fort is under the treaty of Pune.

Arnala Fort Trek

If you like to enjoy the adventure in your life then you can go to the Arnala Fort. You can enjoy the trekking at this place and don’t forget to carry essential things like water bottle, light weight towel and medical kit and more.

How To Reach Arnala Fort?

If you want to experience some new kind of journey then nothing can be better than travelling the Arnala Fort. This fort is located in the island and boat is one and only way to reach the fort. Virar Railway Station is the nearest stop from the Arnala village. From this place you can go to the village by bus or auto rickshaw and then from the beach of Arnala, you can go to the fort by travelling on the boats.

Arnala Fort Timings, Hotels & Accommodation

You can stay in the hotels at the Arnala village and that can be an exclusive experience for you. You can also stay at Vasai where you may get to see some high-quality accommodation. The resorts can provide you comfortable accommodation with awesome foods. You can explore the place in a better way when you taste the local authentic foods and stay in their hotels. The staffs of the hotels are well-behaved and they know how to make their guests happy and satisfied at the same time. So, if you want to visit Arnala fort you can stay at the hotels in the village or Vasai.

Boat Timings at Arnala Fort

You may not be able to reach at Arnala fort whenever you want as the fort is located in the island and there is no way without the boats to reach there. So you need to know the timing of the boat available from the Arnala beach. The boat is available from the beach at 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Places to Visit Near Arnala Fort

There are several attractions in the fort and these are like Octagonal Water Reservoir, Temples of Ambikeshwar, Goddess Bhavani and Lord Shiva, Tombs of Haj Ali and Shahali, the `Paduka‘ or sacred flip-flops of Shree Nityanand Maharaj and more. The temples can make you understand about the architecture and the culture of the place in detail. The water reservoir in the fort can make you amazed and the historic background of it can also make you satisfied. The feel of the fort can give you a lifetime memory.


If you are planning to make your vacation at a historic place then Arnala fort can be the ideal destination for you. You can make your trip at this place to explore the country in a better way. The culture and the historic background of the coastal fort are not only interesting but also lively and impressive at the same time. The architecture of the fort with the gates and the walls can leave a lifetime impression on your mind.

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