Arjitha Brahmotsavam

Arjitha Brahmotsavam

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple is a pointer of the Vaishnavite temple. It is situated in the Tirumala of Tirupati. These temples here are dedicated to the Hindu Lord Venkateswara, an embodiment of Vishnu. According to common myth, it is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in Tirumala to prevent mankind from shadows and dilemmas of Kali Yuga. On a daily basis, several ceremonies and festivals are performed by means of Vaikhanasa Agama. However, the rituals are segmented to three basic rituals, one that is held on a regular basis, the second on weekly basis and the final on basis of a particular occasion or annual sevas. Arjitha Brahmotsavam is one belongs to annual seva.

Arjitha Brahmotsavam

Listed below are the various sevas that are performed on a daily basis:

Suprabhata seva

This is the prime ritual of the day and is held when it’s pre-dawn. This ritual is generally held in the Sayana Mandapam or the place where the deity rests. This is meant to awaken the deity from his heavenly sleep with the Sanskrit hymns and slokas.

Thomala Seva

Bunch of flowers is known as Thomala. In this ritual, the deity is decorated with fresh flower garlands and also Tulsi. According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu worship is incomplete with Tulsi. This Seva is performed for about thirty minutes and various garlands are offered to the Lord to decor specific places of the deity. This takes place along with the recurring beat of handy bells or Jeganta and Sanskrit mantras.

Archana Seva

After the Thomala Seva, the chief deity of Lord Venkateshwara is called by over his 1000 names as a recital to ask for his blessing upon the world. After this, the priest seeks the lord’s blessing for each of the devotees who have asked for his blessings through their gotras. The entire Archana takes about 30-45 minutes.


Instead of performing the ritual to the main deity this is performed in front of Lord Sri Malayappa Swami and his spouses Sridevi and Bhudevi. The priest conducts a marriage and performs other rituals associated with marriage. Then the priest chants the Vedic chants and conducts homas for the Mangalam of all the families in the world.

Unjal Seva

Unjal Seva is also famous as Dolotsavam”. This ritual is performed at mirror hall or addala meda. The room has walls on each side and the deities of Sri Malayappa Swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi are settled in the swing and worshipped.

Arjita Brahmotsavam

Arjita Brahmotsavam gets performed on a regular basis. It is the shortened version of Brahmotsavam event. In the seva, Sri Malayappa Swami is accommodated a raised platform along with Garuda Vahanam, Hanumanta Vahanam and Pedda Sesha Vahanam. They are seated in the order and are presented worship. After the completion of Dolotsavam this ritual is performed.

Vasanthotsavam Seva

The seva commences with perfumeries and aromas applied to the deities. The ritual is held in Vaibhava Utsavam Mandapam. This ritual is conducted to Sri Malayappa swami his wives Sridevi and Bhudevi. Priests chant Purusha suktam, Narayana Suktam, Shri Suktam and Bhu Suktam to ask for the blessings of the deities. Towards the end of this seva, an artificial shower is created by pouring water and perforated plate.

Ekanta Seva

This is the final ritual for the day when the deities are taken to their kaksha for their celestial sleep in peace until the next day.

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