All You Need To Know About The Forgotten “Ikat Designs” Which Is Now The Latest Fashion Trend!


Contributed By Mythreyi Undavalli…

No more Pochampally sarees hiding as a prized possession in your mom’s wardrobe. Its time you bring that Ikat print and flaunt it with style. Be it breezy tops, funky shoes or crazy accessories, anything will turn trendy with a little Ikat print on it. Ikat being in fashion limelight has become the new style fabric for every fashion lover.pochampallyDesigners have been putting this textile to use in creating variety of styles. Carpets and bed sheets with Ikat designs are contemporary and stunning. Apart from apparels, Ikat is also used in creating accessories like bags, shoes and even jewellers.



The roots of this global trend lie in a small village in our Telangana. Bhoodan Pochampalli which is an hour drive from Hyderabad has a large industry producing varied kinds of Ikat printed products. You enter the village only to see them bright colours on either sides of the road. The intricate designs they use are definitely one of its kind. Added to it is the usage of natural colors in the process. The beautiful place even has a museum displaying the history and the development of the industry in this region. Moreover with Telangana government appointing Samantha as their brand ambassador for handlooms, the industry’s gonna take quite a hike. The government is going along to provide infrastructure to the weavers and make the industry grow big.loom

The uniqueness of this fabric lies in the process it is woven in. In the Reverse dying method in which the fabric is made, the basis of the design is formed on the yarn and not on the woven cloth. It takes around 8 to 10 days for the weaver to weave a traditional ‘Pochampally Saree’. A lot of effort goes into making these hand woven clothes.pochampally handloom park

Likewise each one carries its own unique features. The value of the fabric increases as the design becomes intricate. The thicker the fabric is, the blurrier design becomes. Though very old it’s been garnering a lot of attention lately, given to its bright hues and funky patterns. It’s definitely a joy to see our local treasures flourish this way. And this work of art by our very own people is worth cherishing.

Source: Chaibisket


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