Acting craze drove her from Hyderabad to Mumbai


HYDERABAD: Poornima Sai, a 10th class student who was missing from 7th June was found in Mumbai. Her parents went there, but she refused to come with her parents. What is the reason behind her? What made this 14 year girl to take this hard decision? surprisingly.. it is because of movies and serials she decided to stay away from her parents.

She likes to watch Hindi serials much and used to chat on her Instagram account with some TV celebs which encouraged her to try her luck in the glamour industry. nspired by the encouragement she left her home on June 7 on the pretext of going to school, and boarded a train to Mumbai aspiring to become an actress in Bollywood movies.

She got sheltered in Dongari Balsudhar Gruh, Mumbai. She told fake information about her particulars to the organisers, her name as Anika Sri and she came from Sai Sri Ashram of Hyderabad.

It became a big mystery for the city police as Poornima, deleted the history of her social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

To track down the girl, 14 teams in Vizag, Chennai and Mumbai were deployed.The NGO where Poornima was staying, at last, realized that the girl was actually Poornima Sai and informed the Mumbai police. They informed the Cyberabad police about the girl. Her parents reached Mumbai along with Hyderabad police. It is learnt that parents were deeply hurt with their daughter’s behaviour at the rescue home.

Poornima declined to go with her parents and she told to mumbai DCP Ambica that she is not willing to stay with her parents and she will act in films and serials in Mumbai. Mumbai police are trying to convince her. After this they will send her with her parents along with Hyderabad police.

Source: Times Of India


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