Riveting UnSolved Mysteries of India


The History of India teaches us so many things but also has many mysteries that are yet to be solved by us. Few of them are millennium years old and few others are recent. Generations of researchers and scientists have struggled with puzzling events and stories that have left them confused over the years. Let us look at few of these Unsolved mysteries of India, few of which are truly puzzling and inexplicable.

Mysteries Of India

  • Alien Rock Paintings located in Charama:

Alien rock paintings                                             Image: You Tube

The ancient rock paintings were discovered near Charama town located in Chhattisgarh. JR Bhagat is the archaeologist who discovered them says that they depict the paintings of flying discs or the eerie humanoids with the absence of facial features.

  • Indus Valley Civilization’s disappearance:

Ancient Origins                                             Image: Ancient Origins

One of the most ancient mysteries of India is the Indus Valley Civilization. About this civilization (which was way bigger than the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations combined), there are many questions that have to be answered. The facts behind the puzzling Indus pictographic script and the people’s identity of this civilization are yet to be found out. About this civilization, the most classified fact is that all its important sites disappeared at the same time. There are many theories about this but none of this is conclusive.

  • Bihar’s Son Bhandar caves:

Bhandar Caves                                           Image: cpreecenvis

The Son Bhandar cave situated in Rajgir in the state of Bihar is hollowed out of a single large rock. It is considered to be the doorway to riches of a Magadhan king known as Bimbisara. The meaning of Son Bhandar is a store of gold. It was said that the Bimbisara’s wife hid the treasures here when he was imprisoned by Ajatashatru, his son.

  • The 9 Unknown Men:

9 unknown mens                                          Image: messagetoeagle

The strange ‘Nine Unknown Men’ (very own version of India’s illuminati) is considered to be one of the strongest secret societies of the world. Emperor Ashoka founded this society after the battle of Kalinga in 273 BC. Every person among these nine unknown men were assigned with a book of knowledge on various subjects starting from propaganda and time travel to psychological warfare and microbiology. These nine unknown men’s identities are still one of the mysteries of India. It is considered that this secret society exists till date which has been preserved for generations.

  • The Treasure Trove of Mir Osman Ali:

Mir Osman Ali Khan                                             Image: Alchetron

Mir Osman Ali Khan was the seventh and last Nizam of hyderabad’s Asaf jah dynasty, was well-known for his idiosyncrasies. He was also famous for his astonishing collection of legendary treasure and jewellery. In 1937, he was called as the world’s richest man by the TIME magazine. He was also considered to have been the richest man in India ever. His personal wealth and Nizam jewellery were not retrieved after his death. It is considered that this wealth still remains in King Kothi palace’s chambers in Hyderabad where he had spent most of his life. This remains to be one of the mysteries of India till now.

  • Lama Tenzin’s 500 year old Mummy:

Mummy 500 years ago                                          Image: Just About Everything

This mummy is situated in Ghuen (a small village) in Spiti. It is preserved in a small single room protected by a thin glass sheet. This is the mummy of a Buddhist monk of the 15th century known as Sangha Tenzin. It is well preserved remarkably with unbroken hair and skin on the head. The body of Sangha Tenzin seemingly had gone through a strange mummification naturally.

  • The Jaigarh Fort’s Royal Treasure:

Jaigarh Fort                                            Image: Wikipedia

The history of Jaigarh Fort is full stories regarding treasures and intrigue. The defence minister of Akbar, Man Singh, when coming back from a prosperous campaign in Afghanistan, hid the war’s spoils in Jaigarh Fort. Jaigarh Fort was in the spotlight again in 1977 when Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, launched an extensive search of the Jaigarh fort based on a confidential information that the Mughal treasure was hidden by the water tanks. The incident got huge publicity but nothing was found there.

  • Nana Saheb’s disappearance:

Nana saheb                                               Image: Wikipedia

Considered as one of the significant persons who lead the people in the revolt of 1857, Nana Saheb soon disappeared after he had faced defeat in the British’s hands. What happened to him after that still remains a mystery. Also, his highly acclaimed treasure is not found till today which would be worth several billions. Many historians state that he escaped to Nepal with an important part of his treasure but not captured by the British. Even today, the whereabouts of Nana Saheb’s treasure remain to be one of the mysteries of India lasting over a huge time period.

  • The Ghost Village of Kuldhara:

The Ghost Village of Khuldara                                                            Image: happytrips

The ghost town of Kuldhara, lying 20 kms to the west of Jaisalmer, was a prosperous town of the paliwal Brahmins before few hundred years. Suddenly, one night, all the residents of that village left without a trace. According to legend, the ruler of that village was Salim Singh and he used to levy huge taxes upon them. Unable to bear this, they escaped the village all of a sudden and they left a curse on the area while leaving. It is also believed that anyone who tries to live in that village dies a brutal death and it remains uninhabited till now.

  • Chapatti Movement:

Chapatti movement

                                             Image: wikipedia

During the 1857 revolt, the enigmatic and bizarre distribution of chapattis throughout the nation remains a mystery till now. Although the recent studies have stated that the distribution of chapattis was an attempt to provide food to the cholera affected people, the evidence is inconclusive about the real purpose of Chapatti movement. One thing all the historians accept unanimously is that the distribution of chapattis created restlessness among the British in 1857.

  • The Disappearance of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose:

Netaji subash chandra bose                                               Image: Wikipedia

Till now, the death of Subhash Chandra Bose is shrouded in secrecy and many conspiracy theories that are surrounding it make it even more peculiar. What remained a great mystery is that what happened to the flight that took off from taipei to Tokyo in which Netaji was travelling? It remained as one of the mysteries of India. A speculation that Bose had returned to India after that flight crash and he lived in disguise as a Sadhu was spread and till now there is now concrete evidence regarding his existence. Some people believe that a revered saint of Faridabad named as Gumnami Baba is Netaji himself.

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Untimely Death:

Lal Bahadur Sastry                                          Image: rajasthanpatrika

Two years after taking over as India’s Prime Minister, the sudden demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri had taken place in a foreign country (he died in Tashkent in 1966). This is certainly one of the greatest mysteries of India as something like this never happened before and the cut marks and dark blue spots found on his body at the time of his death and no post – mortem being conducted and also no official documents being released to the public raised serious doubts.

  • The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi:

Shanti Devi                                             Image: repeaTube

Shanti Devi’s reincarnation case, a girl born in a less-known locality of Delhi. In her previous life, the information what Shanti Devi provided to her teacher and present family about her family members and her house were all confirmed in detail. This remains as one of the unsolved mysteries of India. Mahatma Gandhi appointed a committee of eminent citizens. They investigated this reincarnation case. As part of this investigation, they escorted her to the village of her past-life recollections and recorded what they observed.

  • The Yogi Who Lives On Nothing:

YOGI                                               Image: Jungle Key

In a place known as Ambaji that is 200 kms away from Ahmedabad, a weak hermit who is in-between 80 and 89 years resides. He is well-known as Chunriwala Mataji. At a tender age of 11, a brush with spirituality made Prahlad Jani a Goddess Amba’s devotee. He asserts that the goddess blessed him and she had given him the superhuman strength through an medicinal or magical potion. He states that this elixir drops through a hole in his palate. A medical research team consisting of 21 specialists conducted a scientific research study in which he was monitored continuously by a video. These investigations have failed as there is no evidence to explain jani’s powers who claims to have gone without water and food since 1940. This is one of the mysteries of India which remains unsolved till today.

Jodhpur Boom                                            Image: Funnylol

On the night of 18th December, 2012, a deafening boom came out of the sky over Jodhpur. According to rumours, this boom have been heard in other parts of the globe as well. Scientists state that the boom was unlike anything else ever heard before. This is one of the mysteries of India and it remains unexplained till today.

  • Kongka La Pass UFO base:

 Kongka La Pass UFO base                                                     Image:  Ufosightinghotspot.blogspot

Unusual lights in the sky, government remaining silent on this which is suspicious and several other abnormal goings – on all point to UFO base camp’s existence in Kongka La Pass on the Indo – China border

  • Stoneman:

stoneman                                                           Image: Rebecca Zilenziger

On the streets of erstwhile Bombay and Calcutta, a serial killer going rampant remains one of the unsolved mysteries of India till today. He was given a title “Stoneman”. This is because he used to roam on the streets at night and select his victims and would bash their heads using a large stone rock.

  • Jatinga – Bird Suicide:

Bird Sucide                                                                   Image: Assaminfo

Jatinga is a small village in Assam. This became famous for the large number of bird deaths occuring every year. Flocks of birds used to plunge from skies into this village and especially on the monsoon evenings. In this process, they used to die by hurting themselves.

  • Hanging Pillar in Ananthapur:

Hanging pillar                                                        Image: Buzzoop

For centuries, 70 strong pillars supported the weight of Lepakshi temple situated in Ananthapur. The astonishing fact here is one particular pillar popularly known as the Hanging Pillar which does not touch the ground but hangs a few inches above the ground. It is termed as one of India’s mysteries. You can even a thin piece of stick or paper to confirm that it is not actually touching the ground.

  • Yeti:

yeti                                              Image: The Telegraph

The Abominable snowman or the Yeti is a large humanoid structure that looks like Ape. It haunts the snowy slopes of the Himalayas. Many mysterious and unexplained sightings have happened which lead us to question the existence of Yeti although it is considered as an urban legend. This is one of the mysteries of India.

  • The ‘Holy’ Rat Infested Karni Mata Temple at Deshnok, Rajasthan:

Holy Rat

The Karni Mata Temple is known as one of the most holy Sanctums in India. It houses around 20,000 rats. But, what most people do not know about this temple is that it is also one of the mysterious places in India. It may sound revolting but one is not allowed to scare, hurt or kill these rats.

The mystery lying behind is that these rats (they are named as ‘kabbas’ there) are regarded as highly auspicious. They are safeguarded and worshipped. So, they hold more value than the people who are visiting this shrine. The myth is that these rats are believed to be the family members and reincarnated relatives of Karni Mata. The white mice at that place are regarded as her sons.

  • Door-Deprived Houses of Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra:

Houses without doors

Situated 30 kms away from Ahmednagar, Shani Shingnapur is a small village that is famous for its Shani temple. But this is not the only reason for the popularity of this village. None of the schools and houses in this village have a door. Even the commercial buildings have no door or even a door frame. Another surprising thing is that not even a single crime has been reported here. The villagers have huge amount of faith in Lord Shani and they strongly believe that the almost zero crime rate in the village is due to him only.

  • The Gravity Defying Palace at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh:

Gravity defyng palace

Bara Imambara was one of the 18th century’s magnificent creations. It was a blend of European and Arabic architecture. This historical creation is one of the mysterious places in India. The central arched hall of the monument is 3 stories high and 50 metres in length. It is not supported by any beams or pillars. The main hall is popular for the special interlocking brick structure and for Bhulbhulaiya which is a dense maze.

  • The Magnetic Hill of Leh, Ladakh:

magnetic hill of ladakh

The Magnetic Hill, situated in Ladakh, is located at a height of  11,000 feet above the sea level. It is one of the most unusual places in India. The cars that are driven up the hill get pulled up of their own accord. That is, the vehicles can drive up here by turning off their ignition. This phenomenon is actually an optical illusion resulting from the gravitational pull of the earth.

  • The E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass at Ladakh:

E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass at Ladakh

The Kongka La Pass is one of the least accessed places in India. This is because of the disputes between India and China at this territory. It is situated at a height of 16,970 feet. According to various reports, a number of strange figures of humanoids and UFOs have been sighted there. Many of the locals there believe that this is the home for aliens.

  • The Red Rain at Idukki, Kerala:

The Red Rain at Idukki

At Idukki, the red coloured rain first on the 25th July, 2001 and occured for 2 months occasionally, staining the buildings and clothes whenever the rain fell. This rain water when collected, turned into clean water with red particles settling at the bottom. After much analysis and research, the scientists have stated that the red particles were the airborne spores of locally grown alga in that region.

  • The Shrine of the Bullet Baba in Bandai, Rajasthan:

shrine of bullet babaSomewhere in Rajasthan, there is a shrine that is believed to protect the travelers. But, what makes this one special is that the people. A man named om Banna died in an accident while riding on this bullet. What happened after that was the police used to take away that bike, empty its fuel tank and tied it with chains. The strange thing happened after that was the bike would return to the same spot before the day break every time. After this being happened so many times, the police authorities gave up on this. The locals built a temple around this bike which is listed among the highly mysterious places in India.

  • The Immortal Flame of Jwala Ji Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh:

Immortal flame of jwalaJwala Ji holy shrine is situated in the lower Himalayas in the Kangra district. Inside this shrine, the central pit of the hollowed stone holds a flame that has been burning endlessly for about 100 years. The theory regarding this mystery is that this flame has been burning via the supply of natural gas such as methane under its surface.

  • The Whispers of the Dead on Dumas Beach, Gujarat:

 The Whispers of the Dead on Dumas Beach

The Dumas Beach in Surat has a number of stories associated with it. The people who are strolling on the beach hear few whispers and when they look around for the source, they find no one. They have also been several reports regarding disappearances on this beach. The theory was that previously, this beach was a burial ground for the Hindus and thus it consisted of many spirits of the dead. It makes this place one of the haunted places in India.

  • The Floating Stones of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu:

Floating stones of rameshwaram

According to Ramayana, Rameswaram is a place where a bridge of floating stones was built by Vanara Sena of Lord Rama. This bridge was built till SriLanka. The mystery surrounding this was, the bridge was built with stones that would float on the water once the name of Lord Rama was written on it. These stones are still found here stating that this bridge was actually built with these stones.

  • The Visa God of Chilkur, Hyderabad:

Chilkuru balaji temple

The Balaji Temple in Chilkur is a place where if you pray there, your attempts of getting a Visa will be successful. All kinds of people are seen here praying to God. How they are getting Visa is a mysterious thing. Hence, this place is one of the mysterious places in India.

  • The Village that Slithers, in Shetpal, Maharashtra:

The Village that Slithers, in Shetpal, MaharashtraWorshipping snakes happens to be widespread and ancient practice in India. But, a town in Maharashtra follows this very religiously. A custom has been established that every home should have a place for resting of cobras in their ceilings’ rafters. The snakes here are very friendly. No snake bite has been reported ever in this village turning this place to be one of the mysterious places in India.

  • Ghost Soldier On duty:

Ghost Soldier On duty

In eastern Sikkim near the Nathula Pass, an indian soldier lost his life. He is said to be the saviour of the army personnels who are serving in this area. “Hero of Nathula” is the name given to the soldier whose name is Baba Harbhajan Singh who helps the army people serving in this high altitude region of the Himalayas. They have built a Shrine in his honor.

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